Where are Scissor Pallet trucks used?

A scissor pallet truck is especially useful in space-restricted areas, where a full-sized forklift may not be feasible. It is also deployable in contexts where singly-stacked pallets are required to be quickly moved between multiple locations. Because of their small turning radius and easy maneuverability, the scissor pallet truck is usually found offloading material from vans and trucks. Their relative compactness requires the scissor pallet truck less parking space in the premises. Also, because the weight of the material gets distributed evenly across the arms of the scissors, the scissor pallet truck has more operating efficiency than the standard hydraulic lifting system.

Design of a Scissor Pallet Truck
A scissor pallet truck is similar in look and feel to a conventional pallet truck, where the latter lifts and moves singly-stacked pallets. Where the scissor pallet truck is different is in its lifting mechanism, where interlinked bars are folded across each other. When the system is extended, the bars unfold scissor-like, hence the name. As the system extends, the lift rises, and its contraction leads to the lift lowering to the ground. However, the rise and lowering of the lift happens at much slower pace than the conventional hydraulic lifts which are also smoother in comparison.

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