What does an Electric Stacker look like?

In look and feel, the electric stacker resembles a lot like a forklift without wheels or the driver's seat. A typical electric stacker comprises a steering handle and a pulling handle, besides a hand-break. An expert operator can maneuver the stacker quite easily with these handles. It is usually driven by a hydraulic system. The stacker moves on wheels, and weighs approximately 364 kilograms or roughly 802.48 pounds. Its average lifting capacity is 1,200 kilograms or roughly 2,545 pounds. The stacker is useful in places such as warehouses where each item may weigh upwards of one ton. The forks of the electric stacker extend to about 1.12 meters or about 3.67 feet, and their width is about 0.57 meters or about 1.87 feet. The base of the fork is 1.193 meter wide. It is the average turning radius of 1.775 meters or about 5.82 feet which makes the electric stacker turn around in tight spots.

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