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Parts for Forklifts - Prices

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Parts for Forklifts - The vertical or straight masted lift truck is the perfect machine for your material handling operation. It excels wherever maneuverability and stability is important. Manitou is the company who has pioneered the masted forklift model. After years of research and design, they have come up with a type of forklifts which are the result of many years of job proven performance and dependability.

Manitou's M Series masted forklift was engineered to offer lifting capabilities in a rough terrain lift truck model. These machines offer great comfort for the operator along with easy machine maintenance. The main priority issues to be considered during development were comfort and simplicity. The M Series is offered in various configurations so as to provide the customers with the ideal machinery.

The Manitou Semi-Industrial range of machinery is a smaller kind which offers superior handling and excellent maneuverability. This line offers amazing traction, unparalled comfort and overall compact design. The easy maintenance is a different extra bonus. This range is the ideal choice for applications which require more demanding situations than the typical industrial lift truck handles.

There is a series of semi rough terrain forklifts which are referred to as the MH series that are ideal for working in confined spaces of the yard. The units are offered in load capacities of 2500 kilogram and 2000 kg.

The compact MSI forklift offers 2 to 3.5 tons of capacity. This specific model is very easy to handle and really versatile. It works well in external storage sites and in warehouse applications.

Truck Mounted Forklift
With their newly designed Manitransit Series truck mounted forklifts, Manitou has helped to revolutionized on-site offloading. These particular machinery provide better movement and industry-exclusive, innovative telescopic booms. The overall expenses associated with on-site handling. This specific unit provides a long boom option that allows access to all loads from the same side of the trailer. Being able to load in this manner really lessens delivery time on crowded residential streets.

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