The earth-cracking horrors of gas fracking

The earth-cracking horrors of gas fracking

Josh is absolutely on target in critiquing the Democrats for pushing more coal mining, more oil drilling, the earth-cracking horrors of gas fracking…and even dying, murderous post-Fukushima nuke power industry.

It’s no accident that this administration has further embraced the imperial dream of perpetual war. From his lukewarm opposition to George W. Bush’s attack on Iraq so many eons ago, President Obama has devolved into ceaseless imperial bloodshed.

Josh warns of the climate leadership’s embrace of this party and administration. As in so many social movements, the masses arise and then a part of the ruling establishment “bends” to meet a part of the “movement leadership”. Deals are cut, edges are blunted, momentum appears to be dissipated.

What Martin Luther King called the “marvelous new militancy” in his 1963 “I Have a Dream” Speech will surely ebb and flow as we proceed into this fight for global survival. So it was for the campaigns for workers’ rights, civil rights, peace in Vietnam, a nuclear freeze and so much else.

Some of this movement’s “leadership” has already devolved so far as to embrace nuclear power, a profoundly irresponsible response to a planetary crisis made a million times worse by massive doses of errant radiation, not to mention huge outflows of waste heat and precious cash.

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